Constructive Feedback

When was the last time that you told your employees, your teammates, or your colleagues that they did a good job?

Why is it that we have so much trouble giving constructive feedback to our associates?

Are we really so threatened in our positions, that we can’t admit when someone, who might possibly be compared to us, does a good job?

Stop and think about it – your paycheck is entirely dependent upon everyone you work with, performing at their absolute best. Why, then, would you want to sabotage your associates, by knocking them down? Or, when their work isn’t up to par, you criticize them, personally, rather than their deficient work itself?

This is a sure fire way to destroy a team, a career, a reputation, or a company.

I’m not suggesting that “everyone gets a trophy”, or that we should be praising people for simply doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

What I definitely am saying, is that we never praise the people who are deserving of our praise, enough. Not even close. A great start toward mastering constructive feedback is simply acknowledging this – and thanking those people, profusely. You’re thinking of them right now, even as I say this.

RememberYou were once this person, that you’re now riding, constantly. But someone recognized something in you along the way, invested their time, mentored you (with no benefit to themselves), and brought you along.

None of us got here solely on our own merits – glowing though they may be. Recognize that. And pay it forward.

It’s much harder to build up, than it is to tear down. I suppose that’s why we do it.

But we must learn to lead in a way that strengthens, rather than denigrates, those we work around, if we wish to be truly successful.

Go, and be you.


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