Even if it’s Obvious: Ask

I recently recounted a story about a project I completed at a prior job.

We had spent months designing a student teleconferencing lounge, complete with state-of-the-art codecs, microphones, cameras, and control interfaces.

Months spent meeting over the logistics of working with A/V vendors, electricians, and building contractors, getting people working on their part of the project, on time and at the right time.

We met regularly with our finance people, to make sure we were on track and on budget.

We met throughout the project with the people who would be using the space, to make sure all of the elements were going to meet their need, and that all of the elements going into the space met the stated intention of the room.

Finally, we outfitted the room with a wonking huge flat-panel display, to finish the room setup.

The day came to turn up the equipment, check out the networking, and test everything in the setup.

The codec worked beautifully. The sound was phenomenal. The microphones picked up every nuance in the room. The control interfaces were intuitive, and precisely what we described to our A/V vendor. Check. Check. Check.

Someone asked: “Where is the control for Basic Cable TV?”

Awkward Silence.

Dozens of people involved in the process. Months of planning. Detailed oversight throughout.

And yet, no one had thought to ask to install cable TV. In a student lounge. With a TV that covered the side of a barn.

No one – especially myself – thought to ask the most elemental of questions, concerning function over form.

Fortunately, we were able to easily correct the issue, and had basic cable installed in short order.

The only real casualty was our embarrassment. And, a little “stupid tax” we paid.

Even if the question seems obvious: Ask.

Go, and be you.


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