Being Entrepreneurial in A Non-Entrepreneurial Environment

From a talk given in 2014 on Being Entrepreneurial in A Non-Entrepreneurial Environment.

Being an entrepreneur in a non-entrepreneurial environment can be very challenging. It’s not an impossible situation; but first, you must first understand your environment.

The key to success, is meeting people where they are.

You’re not going to move mountains, or influence people, or be a tremendous change agent, if you don’t understand the facts on the ground… if you don’t understand what your starting points are.

You can be a visionary, you can have great ideas, you can have all the deal flow in the world; if you don’t have a receptive audience that understands the value proposition that you’re offering, it’s a non-starter.

If you want your solutions, your ideas, to grow and prosper, you have to plant [them] in fertile ground.

And that fertile ground comes – first – from understanding the problems that exist with your current workforce, with your current working base, and moving to address those; then, all the great entrepreneurial ideas you have will find some sustainability in the long term.

Go, and be you.


One thought on “Being Entrepreneurial in A Non-Entrepreneurial Environment

  1. davidjhinson says:

    Reblogged this on Logorrhea and commented:

    One of the hardest transitions an Entrepreneur has to make, is moving into an environment that is not entrepreneurial in nature.

    The key to success is to take inventory, survey the landscape, and “meet people where they are” – so that your great ideas will find fertile ground in which to flourish.


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