Customer Experience

Customer Experience

From a talk given in 2014, on Customer Experience.

Customer Experience is a major filter I use in my decision making process, in order to justify new acquisitions.

If I’m looking at new software, if I’m looking at new hardware, if I’m looking to make a new hire, I always pass those [decisions] through the filter of customer experience.

Ultimately, if I can’t succinctly and forcefully describe how those [new] acquisitions will positively impact customer experience, then I have failed; and that’s a huge [stop] sign that tells me I need to stop and reconsider.

Conversely, if not making those new acquisitions, if not making those new hires… if that will have a significant negative effect, that’s also important in my decision making process; not only for describing to my constituents why I’m making particular decisions, but also [in order] to frame my story to my colleagues, and more importantly, to my President, [in order] to say “this is where this decision fits within our larger strategic initiatives.”

Because, you’re always dealing with competing forces within your organization.

If I can show the value made to student experience, to faculty experience, to staff experience, I stand a much better chance at being funded, and supported, and ultimately, sustained over the long haul.

Go, and be you.


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