Moving On – Redux

Not farewell. But so long.


I Have a Job

Monday, June 8, I start a new job, and a new chapter in the lives of my family.

I am the new Director of IT at Yeshiva of Flatbush, in Brooklyn, NY.

If I were to choose a “next step” that is as different from where I am today, as could be imagined, I would be hard pressed to do so.

Moving from the South to the North. Moving from a town of 60,000 to a city of 8.4 million (about 4 times the size of the entire state of Arkansas, my current domicile). From the Bible Belt, to the Big Apple.

Transportation. Museums. Dining. Sports. Entertainment. Culture. In many respects, it will be the equivalent to living on an entirely different planet.

Leaving Conway will, however, be extremely bittersweet. The friends and colleagues we leave behind will be missed terribly. I can say without hint of reservation that my time at…

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