The Look of Success

Look of Success

You might be surprised at the number of projects that get greenlit, without a well-defined scope of work, or anything close to a definition of what a successful completion will look like.

Or, if you’ve lived through one of these nightmares, perhaps this is no surprise at all.

Any sane project manager will insist on a clear scope of work, before signing off on spending time, resources, and capital on a project. A clear and well defined look of success isn’t just nice – it’s required, before doing anything else.

The entire value proposition of a given project is totally dependent upon its look of success; because, it should be the most desired outcome of a project, by which its ultimate success – or failure – can clearly be judged.

For, if you can’t quantitatively – and qualitatively – define when a project is successfully completed, you’ve designed a metaphorical span, that’s firmly anchored at its beginning, but untethered at its destination: effectively, it’s a bridge to nowhere.

Remember: all successful projects have a clearly defined finish, before they have a beginning at all.

Lacking a look of success does virtually guarantee one thing, though: the certainty of failure.

Go, and be you.


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