An issue we all struggle with, from time to time, is being asked to do “homework.” 

You know – you ask for assistance, and instead are given a perfunctory task to perform first – that has nothing to do with the problem resolution itself, but rather delays resolution because of bookkeeping or process, at the expense of customer service.

Or, you’re placed in the middle of a question and answer thread, where you’re not the domain knowledge expert – who may actually possibly be known at some point in the conversation – but are somehow relegated to being the message bearer and relay, rather than communication being sent to the people who can actually solve the problem immediately.


Solving this issue is straightforward – directing the people fobbing off these tasks on you to the fact that their approach to the process is delaying satisfactory resolution.

The key is to frame this helpful reminder constructively, and in a non-accusatory way… because odds are, the people running you ragged may be totally unaware that they are doing so.

But – some do do this by design, as a power thing. Different post, for a different day.

Go, and be you.


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