It’s What Plants Crave!

To comment upon how our world is now the dystopia that Mike Judge predicted in his 2006 movie, Idiocracy, has become passé.

And frankly, too sad for words, really.

Even so – Idiocracy remains one of my favorite movies, for pointing out the absurdity of taking the ludicrous, to its maximum – and idiotic – extreme.

Take for example, the scene where President Camacho’s cabinet is scratching their heads over what is killing the world’s plants. Spoiler alert: it’s their use of Brawndo (the bizarro world version of a hyper-macho sports drink), to feed their crops – rather than using water.

Why feed plants Brawndo? Because Brawndo’s got what plants crave! Electrolytes!

So, so funny. And – so, so sad.


Because you’ve been in this meeting before.

Maybe you’re even in it now.

When you work with the same group of people, in an insular setting, and over a protracted period of time, you become metaphorically “nose blind” to the world in which you are actually working – enabling an environment where echo-chamber assumptions can be uncritically used, to make crucially critical institutional decisions.

Idiocracy’s people of the year 2505 had been pummeled with a constant marketing barrage, insisting that a salt-infused energy drink was the very thing plants craved. There were no dissenting voices to say otherwise.

Your team may have a similar brand of enterprise Kool-aid that you’re drinking, leading you to believe in a world view that is entirely out of step with actual facts on the ground.

If you think that you have developed an undiagnosed case of institutional nose blindness, put down the Brawndo. Open a window. And let some fresh air in.

Leadership. It’s what people crave.

Go, and be you.



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