What’s Your Content Strategy?

Content Creation

Back in the day, you were probably laser-focused on your blog’s subscriber counts, and the number of daily visitors to your site.

Today – perhaps not so much.

I mean – sure, it is nice to have high site traffic, and lots of eyeballs. Always has been, always will be.

But the way content is consumed today, is radically different than the way it was consumed, just a few short years ago. Today, individual “greatest hit” posts drive repeat traffic to your sites, as opposed to “loyal readers” who visit daily to catch the pearls of wisdom that have dropped from your keyboard.

For the last two years, well over 50% of the daily traffic on my personal blog comes from just a handful of popular posts. New content does make up a portion of the spike in my site’s daily traffic; but these spikes are usually very short lived, and it is really the “hit” posts that keep our recurring traffic numbers consistently high, week-after-week.

As content curation platforms, Facebook and Twitter have driven this change in consumer behaviour. We’re now conditioned to share our audio, photos, videos, and articles in easily digestible chunks of time and attention span.

And as a content creator, you now have to carefully consider not only the raw material you’re creating, but the many forms and channels it will be repurposed into. You need to think about how your content is actually part of a mosaic of information, rather than a tightly-woven tapestry; a mixtape, rather than an album.

Focus on superior content, to be sure. But design it to be repackaged, repurposed, and evergreen – from the very beginning of your creative process.

What are your strategies for creating content that has a shelf-life beyond the morning’s cup of coffee?

Go, and be you.