Another Webinar? No Thanks.

I’ve never been a huge fan of webinars. Probably, because most of them are colossal wastes of time.

But – if you insist on producing your own webinar, the following tips could help the next person feel like they at least got something of value from your efforts:

  1. Prepare. This is my number one complaint about terrible webinars – it’s usually quite obvious that many presenters don’t adequately practice their presentation, or don’t have mastery over their subject matter. Give yourself ample time to prepare your content, and work on your delivery.
  2. Get to the point. Fast. Your time is valuable. And so is your audience’s. Respect their time as if it were golden. Because it is.
  3. Don’t read your slide deck, word for word. It just insults everyone’s intelligence, and makes the room dumber.
  4. Buy – and use – a good microphone. If I’m thinking about your poor sound quality, then I’m not focused on your content. Solid production values can help even the most mediocre of presentations; but, poor production kills even superior content.
  5. Make sure your video is well lit, in focus, in frame, and is shot in front of a background that isn’t vying for your audience’s attention. Non-watchable video is worse than useless. Remember: if what you produce is unwatchable, why are you even going to the effort? Or expecting your audience to?
  6. And finally: Have something to say. Don’t tease us with up-sell. Deliver the goods. Make it worth everyone’s time.

In short: Don’t skimp on Quality, or Preparation. You might even change my mind about webinars. But – I doubt it.

Go, and be you.